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Careers and Enterprise Plan

Careers and Enterprise Plan Overview


Key Stage 3 


Year 1 Autumn Spring Summer
Business Maths The Shoe Shop The Florist The Bakery
Enterprise Knowing Me, Knowing You A Mini Enterprise Different Work Places


Year 2 Autumn Spring Summer
Business Maths The Post Office The Newsagents The Ice Cream Van
Enterprise Working 9 to 5 A Fair Trade Snack Drive Time


Year 3 Autumn Spring Summer
Business Maths The Party Planner The Pet Shop Places to Eat
Enterprise    Money, Money, Money Easter Market and Advertising Build It Up


Key Stage 4


Focus on the running of a business.  ‘Munchies’ and ‘Greenfinger’ are the current school business related to Food Technology and Horticulture. 


For example:


Pupils will find out about and run their own Horticulture Business.  They will experience and learn about production and costs, the business environment, the market place, the consumer, buying and selling, recruitment, payment, motivating staff, team building, various job roles, personnel, work conditions, dress code, interviewing techniques, advertising, company hierarchy, stock, health and safety and will learn to apply this knowledge within their Horticulture Business.  Pupils will plant, tend, grow, harvest and sell produce in the school garden.  Pupils will also have their work accredited externally through OCR.  With support, pupils will write a business plan and mission statement as well as set up the following teams to run a company.







Human Resources



Members of the Horticulture Enterprise team will hold regular meeting to discuss the company, keep minutes of the meetings, draw up an action plan, have a company name, decide on job roles and open a bank account.  Each team will be responsible for one area of the company as follows:


The Administration Team will keep company records, take minutes, organise meetings, be knowledgeable on what the company may and may not do and keep note of company shares.


The Finance Team will look after the company money, keep a record of money received and spent, look after the bank account, make sure bills are paid and advise the Management Team about financial matters.


The Management Team find answers to problems affecting the company, chair company meetings, capitalise on the skills of the company members, communicate with all members of the company and make sure the company works well.


The Operations Team makes sure the correct materials are purchased to produce the product, plan production, make sure the service is good, keep tools in good order and make sure that things are properly made, check the quality and make sure there are enough items to sell.  They will do the planting and harvesting of produce.


The Marketing Team find out what the customers want, make sure the company and customers get on well, ask the right price for the products, advise the sales team, know how much of the product can be sold.


The Human Resources Team organise training, look after the well-being of the company members, help employees to be happy in their work, help to decide what salaries will be paid, make sure everyone knows the health and safety rules and keep a record of the company personnel.


The Sales Team find customers for the product, work with the Marketing Team to advertise the company products, make sure the customers are happy with the product and make sure customers have paid for their product.


Key Stage 5 pupils.


There is a Sixth Form provision for a small number of Key Stage 5 pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties with complex health and physical needs.  The curriculum is delivered in a sensory format ensuring that these pupils are provided with a range of world of work experiences that are tailored to their individual needs. 


All of the secondary phase.


The Business and Enterprise Project provides opportunities for pupils across the secondary phase to work on the same project for one lesson each week.  Each term has a focus covering 6 areas.  Technology and the Media, Community Participation, Identify and Cultural Diversity, Creativity and Critical Thinking, Healthy Lifestyles, Global Dimension and Sustainable Development.  Topics relate to each of these areas and focus on the world of work and business.  A range of businesses which relate to the topic are invited into school to support pupils in learning about careers and the world of work. Pupils have had visits from, for example, auctioneers, charities, artists, caterers, radio, newspapers, taxi drivers, wedding planners, photographers, florists, retailers.