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KS4 and Specialist Class KS5

                  Programme Overview

Key Stage Four




Programme 1



Responding to and maintaining your local environment


Organisms and Health--

Electricity and how we use it.

Programme 2



Responding to local environment schemes.


Properties and changes of materials

Earth and Beyond

Forces and Friction


Cultural Studies


Programme 1







Programme 2













Programme 1



Artist focus:

Peter Blake


Art in our Environment.

Artist focus:

Andy Goldsworthy

Claude Monet



Mixed Media/Multi Media

Artist focus:

Anna Dabrowska (Finnabair)

Programme 2



Digital Art

Artist focus:

Scott Mutter



Artist focus:

Bobby Britnell


Sculpture and Ceramics

Artist Focus:

Barbara Hepworth




Performing Arts


Programme 1


African Stories


Cats  (For an audience)


Lost in a Cave/ Sea Journey

Programme 2



Jack and the Beanstalk


Time Machine

Disaster at the seaside



Food Technology


Programme 1



Equipment for cooking

Cooking skills



Household tasks

Drinks and simple meals


Different meats and where they come from

Cooking with fish

Programme 2



Using shopping facilities

Use by dates – safety


Preparing food for an event

Healthy foods

Cooking skills





Programme 1



Job roles in horticulture


The Growing Process

Maintenance and Care

Programme 2



Preparing the Plot


Horticulture as a business






Programme 1



E Safety

Christmas Party


Fashion Show

Summer Garden Party

Programme 2



E Safety

Christmas Carnival








Programme 1



Fundamental Skills of Movement


Technique and Performance

Tactics and Strategies

Programme 2



Fundamental Skills of Movement


Technique and Performance

Tactics and Strategies






Programme 1



Keeping myself safe


Feelings detectives


Healthy relationships

Drugs education


Programme 2



Money matters

Team – Achieving more


What should they do?

My Body

Healthy Eating



Business and Enterprise



The Business and Enterprise Project provides opportunities for pupils across the secondary phase to work on the same project for one lesson each week.  Each term has a focus covering 7 areas. Enterprise, Technology and the Media, Community Participation, Identify and Cultural Diversity, Creativity and Critical Thinking, Healthy Lifestyles, Global Dimension and Sustainable Development.  Topics relate to each of these areas for example, Healthy Lifestyles could cover topics from Healthy Living to the Olympic Games. 




Hobbies and Careers



Hobbies and Careers sessions take place each week. A termly focus and range of activities supports readiness for the next phase of education and wider world. 




Key Stage 5 


The Bridge currently has a small number of pupils who remain in Key Stage 5. The pupils have highly complex combined medical and physical needs in addition to profound learning difficulties. The units  provide themes and contexts for the underpinning cross-curricular skills and knowledge and working towards the EHCP 12 month outcomes set with parents/carers. 


The provision continues to build on the curriculum areas and courses provided in Key Stage 4.  Teachers can do a reduced number of units to enable other priorities to be  worked on, Links are made to Social Care Adult Services and focus on engagement of services to support transition.