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The Key Stage 4 Curriculum

Pupils in Key Stage 4 are aged between 14 and 16 years of age. The emphasis of Key Stage 4 education is to widen the range of experiences that the pupils receive and hence to broaden their learning. This is facilitated through a curriculum that has accredited modules at its core. All pupils access accreditation through OCR Life and Living Skills at the appropriate level, Entry Level 1, 2 or 3 and units within the qualification can be combined to build a rich and varied personalised learning programme. The modules are planned and delivered to meet each pupil’s Individual Learning Outcome and to ensure that all pupils are able to access an accredited course that is appropriate to their needs. Progression from Key Stage 3 is of paramount importance and the curriculum reflects progression and continuity.

Functional Skills
The Functional Skills of English, Maths, PSHE and ICT are at the core of each module. Each one is taught and accredited as a specific module of its own through OCR. Pupils take part in Functional Skills lessons which integrate Mathematics, English, and ICT with elements of PSHE. Pupils in Key Stage 4 also have additional English, PSHE and Maths lessons within their weekly timetable.

The cornerstone of the curriculum is PSHE and Citizenship which runs through each module and each functional skill. In addition there is a “taught” element of PSHE with progression and planning to take into account Business and Enterprise education and work related learning.

Curriculum Opportunities

Pupils take part in The Arts, focusing on one element each term and covering Art, Music and Performing Arts. There are strong business links within the curriculum with Catering linked to Food Technology and Horticulture linked with Design and Technology, thus providing pupils with work related learning. Pupils will also take part in PE, Cultural Studies incorporating RE, History and Geography, Computing, Food Technology and Science as well as a themed Business and Enterprise Project each term. All pupils in the Secondary Phase take part in a themed Business and Enterprise Project for half a day each week. The Business and Enterprise Project provides opportunities for pupils across the secondary phase to work on the same project for one lesson each week. Each term has a focus covering 6 areas. Technology and the Media, Community Participation, Identify and Cultural Diversity, Creativity and Critical Thinking, Healthy Lifestyles, Global Dimension and Sustainable Development

Community Links
Links into the community are made wherever appropriate to each module, this also includes using community facilities.


Transition to Adult Life

The Bridge is committed to supporting all young people and their parents/carers in the transition from school to adult life. Throughout the Secondary Phase pupils take part in a range of activities and lessons which are designed to support them in their transition towards adult life. Most of the young people in Key Stage 4 will move on the The Willow Tree Centre within TCAT. As pupils move on to their next setting transition to this venue will be provided.


The Teaching of Phonics in The Bridge

We follow ‘Letters and Sounds’ a systematic, synthetic phonics programme that is used to support children with their reading and spelling.


Stage1: All pupils will experience aspects of this stage as appropriate to their needs, for example experiencing sounds, during stories, music making and body percussion.


Stage 2: Is used with individual pupils who have reached a secure P4 in reading moving towards P5.

Further phases are used with individual pupils as appropriate.


Other resources may be used to support the teaching of phonics:

Emphasis is always on MAKATON alphabet signs to ensure consistency for pupils (As advised by Primary English Teaching and Learning Specialist, for Telford)


ICT resources, including iPAD Apps, are used when it is complimentary to other methods and appropriate to the pupil.


If you wish to have more information about the curriculum please contact Mandy James.