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C19 Update

Dear parents and carers,


We continue to hope that all our pupils and their families remain safe and well. 


We have a member of staff who tested positive with C19 this week. We have a very small number who are isolating as contacts. We know that you will join with us in sending them our very best of wishes for their recovery. The contacts have all been informed so if you have not been contacted it was not a staff member who had been in contact with your child. 


Many of our staff had tests before their return to school in January and we have thanked them for doing this. We had a small number that did test positive- they have or are isolating and there were no other school contacts due to it being the holiday period.  We had a pupil who has tested positive but they had not been in school. Again, we continue to send them all and their families our very best wishes. 


We are continuing with tight measures in school to reduce the risks of C19 transmission. 


Sending our kindest regards to all. 


The Bridge School