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Half Term Letter Feb 2021

12th February 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,


When we take time to pause and look back on the last 12 months, it has been a year that we think no-one would have ever imagined would have happened. There have been so many challenges for you, your children, our staff and all in our communities.


We want to say the most sincere and heartfelt thanks to you all for the support you have given and continue to give.  We want to highlight some things as we go into the half term break and share some information.


Remote Home Learning


WOW!! There is some amazing home learning going on within families who are continuing to want their children to be at home or are at home shielding. In addition, for those families when they are isolating as contacts as track and trace or when they have a positive case.


The teachers and support staff are working hard to support the home learning. You will have had home learning packs linked to EHCP short term outcomes, wider curriculum packs, additional work and ideas, access to appropriate online sites with some memberships paid for by school etc. Some pupils, who are able to, are engaging in the visual calls or group sessions with peers. Information on how to structure a home learning day we know has been well-received by many and how learning can take place for our pupils throughout the day. We thank you all for your support with the required well-being visual calls.


Our home learning offer does not depend on device and online access. However, we have supported access to devices and internet when this has been a carrier. We are waiting on some orders etc. If anyone has any issues with this area- devices, access or not knowing how to use either linked to home learning or to access meetings, advice sites etc then please do speak to class teacher or email

Similarly, with any other resources.


The feedback we are getting on all the things that parents/carers and family members are doing with their children at home is genuinely fantastic and something we think our parents and carers and pupils should be very proud of. Please keep sharing with your child’s teacher the learning and achievement taking place. Please keep asking for any support, advice, review of progress and achievement, extension of work activities etc. This truly is, as it always is, a partnership of working together. We also want to support you in whatever ways we are able. We know for many with how hard you are working on home learning on top of what is already often complex demands.


Please check out photographs that are on the website Please have a look at the photographs from home: Parent and Family Links, Photo’s from home. Keep checking back in as we add more. Please check out the News Feed and  Parent/Family Links information. There are photographs in each of the phases which will be added to again soon.


Families are asked to advise school if their children have appointments or are not well, in the usual way as this is recorded on registers differently and we can see again if there is anything we can support with.

Track and Trace over the half term holiday


Parents and carers will know that schools are required to support the track and trace process of Public Health for the safety of all.


We know that closure of bubbles when there is a positive case in a bubble is not easy but it is necessary and a legal requirement. We will do all we can to support during these periods. Staff have supported families to access essential supplies with drop offs if there has been no-one able to do this.


If anyone who has been in school- staff or pupils- is diagnosed with CV19 over the holiday, please let us know as soon as possible. Please email We have to track and trace  school  contacts of anyone who develops symptoms on Saturday or Sunday or before and subsequently has test results during the holiday. Also we have to track and trace school contacts of anyone who from a test on Saturday or Sunday or before without symptoms that has a positive result. We will then track any contacts and inform them of required isolation and we will inform the local Health Protection Track and Trace so they can also support. Phone messages will be picked up periodically on the school number but the email contact of is the best way to inform of a pupil positive result. If anyone who is not in school has a CV19 diagnosis, please do let us know and we can see if there is any way in which we can support.


Advance notice on costs of school meals change of price


We have been advised from Monday 19th April 2021 that there will be a price change for Primary pupils meals as follows


Primary Pupils                                                                                         Secondary Pupils

Key Stage 2, Years 3, 4, 5 & 6                                                                Key Stage 3, 4 & 5

£2.40    (£12 per week)                                                                          £2.45 (no change) £12.25 per week



Problem in the holiday?

If parents or carers experience any urgent issues over the holiday and they have a Social Care Social Worker or Case Worker then the service can be contacted. If a family does not or it is an emergency Telford and Wrekin have their Family Connect Service – 01952 385385. Below is the list of contact numbers you will have but included for ease of access.


Reminder of useful Contact Numbers

Children with Disabilities Social Work Team                                                  01952 567373

Education Transport - Shropshire                                                                     01743 253042

Education Transport - Telford & Wrekin (7:30am: onwards)                       01952 384620

Family Connect Variety of information including advice about

               accessing child care and Safeguarding Helpdesk    01952 385385

Incontinence Service                                                                                            01952 580400

IASS (Formally Parent Partnership Service)                                                     01952 457176

SEN Team -  Shropshire LA                                                                                  01743 254389

SEN Team - Telford & Wrekin LA                                                                       01952 385395

School Nurses                                                                                                       01952 387172

Stepping Stones (Base for many therapists)                                                    01952 567300

Wheelchair Clinic/Repairs                                                                                  01743 444051


We are all sending you, our pupils, your families, your friends and communities our very best wishes for a safe, calm and enjoyable week and beyond.



All at The Bridge School