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Parents/carers who are picking up and dropping off


Any new parents or carers who are dropping off and picking up, we have staff who wear High Vis clothing who will guide you on where to go. Please do not worry as it will become very familiar and clear. 


To other parents, a letter will come out tomorrow, advising on drop off at front of school or the side entrance. There may be a change from last year as it depends in part on the class base. We are just finalising the arrangements. If you are not sure, then please do not worry as again we will be out to support and assist. It will be so lovely to see yourselves as well as the pupils. 


We are asking all parents/carers to remain in cars and staff will collect pupils from where you are parked (as we did last year). We are also asking parents and carers (unless exempt) to continue to wear face coverings.  Most staff will be too (unless exempt).  We are also continuing to ask for social distancing at these busy times. 


We know parents/carers were highly positive about the system last year, it may take a little while again to settle or a little longer in the first few days but we know it will as we all work together. 


Sending all best of wishes. We are very excited to have pupils back after the holidays. 


Kindest of regards 


The Bridge School