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Remote Learning

For any pupils who are not in school and are isolating waiting for test results or have had positive test, then remote learning can be supported. This will also be supported if remote learning is in place due to a local outbreak. 


We understand that some pupils who are isolating will not feel well or their families but the provision will be in place to access when possible. 


We understand that for our pupils much remote learning is through the support of an adult in the household. Anyone who needs further support and guidance then please do contact class teacher. 


We have provided parents/carers with remote learning packs linked to EHCP's that also support home work and learning at home in general. Also, we have provided a plan on how to integrate learning into everyday contexts as learning takes place in any situation. Remote learning packs have also been provided to support the wide range of subjects. If you need another copy of any of the materials then please do contact us. 


There are also many links and ideas on the school website to support home learning and home work. Please talk to your child's class teacher if you are unsure which activities or sites are appropriate to your child. 


Additional work can also be provided linked to any specific work in class when possible. The packs provided above will cover the underpinning skills and knowledge. 


The Bridge School 


The remote learning packs linked to EHCP's are updated at annual reviews. For new starters in reception, the teachers will be providing the packs following outcomes meetings. 


Sending all our best of wishes 


The Bridge School