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Update 20/7/2021

We had to close two bubbles over the weekend. The Primary bubble was re-opened quickly when we had news of negative PCR test. If you were not or have not been contacted then we did not link anything contacts to your child. 


Sadly, the secondary bubble (a class) will be closed now for the rest of term. We have a pupil who has CV and we know you will join us in wishing the pupil and the family our best of wishes. We also have a small number of pupils isolating linked to  contact on a transport bubble and some due to being contacts at home with family members with CV. For all, we hope all (pupils, families and staff) remain healthy and safe and we have asked them to contact us if they need anything. Two of our school leavers are not able to come in now but it does not lessen our best of wishes to them and their families for the future. 


Sending everyone our very best of wishes.


The Bridge School