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Update 3/10/21

Hope all our families are well and ok. 


Schools and communities in Telford and Wrekin and across the country are having cases of C19. We would stress the importance of following the law in relation to isolation while waiting for tests for national symptoms. Also testing as advised by Telford and Wrekin Public Health if yourselves or your child is unwell in any way (colds, sickness, generally not feeling well, upset tummy, headache, sore throat) and not send your child in if unwell. 


As we have shared, we have had some cases since our return on September 2021.  We will not notify all parents/carers if there is a case. However, if there is a  confirmed case linked to your child's class or your child's contacts within school, then we will let you know as soon as possible and share any additional measures. 


We continue to have many measures in place to reduce the risk of transmission. 


Sending all our very best of wishes always and thank you for your support. 


The Bridge School