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Options Post 16

Options Post 16


There are lots of things to think about when our pupils leave The Bridge. To help our pupils choose what they want to do next - teachers and Future Focus both play a valuable role alongside our pupils and parents.

From Year 9 onwards Future Focus meet with parents and pupils to discuss options for the future. Impartial advice is provided by Future Focus along the journey from Year 9 to Year 14.


There is a small provision in school for pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties with complex health and physical needs for Year 12 to 14. Future Focus provide advice and support for parents to link with adult services and pathway planning for the future. Karen from Future Focus will meet with teachers, parents and pupils to produce a transition plan which supports pupils and parents in the next step of education or the move into adult services. She will support with and arrange visits to potential new settings for parents and pupils.


The Bridge has a robust transition process in place to support our pupils in attending their chosen new setting throughout Year 11 and Year 14. Transition visits take place throughout all three terms of the final school year. Once the new setting has been identified, staff from the new setting come into school to get to know the pupils and work alongside them to ensure that the transition process can be as smooth as possible.


The Bridge School works flexibly around the individual needs of the pupils during any transition process.