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Reading and Phonics



The foundation of reading is:
- understanding
- communication
- listening and attention
- engagement and enjoyment

The core foundations are integrated into all curriculum delivery.

Phonics in the Primary Phase:
Pupils all take part in phonics delivery

We follow ‘Letters and Sounds’, a systematic, synthetic phonics programme that is used to support children with their reading and spelling.

Phase 1: All pupils will experience aspects of this phase as appropriate to their needs, for example experiencing sounds during stories, music making and body percussion.


Phase 2: Is used with individual pupils working above P4.


Further phases are used with individual pupils if appropriate.


Other resources may be used to support the teaching of phonics:


Emphasis is always on the MAKATON alphabet signs to ensure consistency for pupils (As advised by    Primary English Teaching & Learning Specialist, for Telford).

ICT resources, including iPad Apps, are used when it is complimentary to other methods and appropriate to the pupil.


In the Primary phase we use Collin's 'Big Cat' reading scheme to support the teaching of phonics. The books used are fully decodable and aligned with the 'Letters and Sounds' programme.