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Art and Design

Subject Leaders: Alex Sloan and Mandi Davies



Exploration, expression and creativity are at the core of our Art and Design curriculum at The Bridge School. We encourage pupils to explore the materials in the world around them through multisensory exploration and encourage them to create their own interpretations of their experiences.


Our art curriculum allows pupils to express themselves artistically through a range of topics and themes. Personal expression, demonstrating preferences and choice making underpin all aspects of teaching and learning with art at The Bridge. Pupils also explore a range of artwork to develop their understanding of various techniques and appreciate the perspectives/choices of others.


Within all art lessons, pupils consistently have oppurtunities to extend their learning. Practitioners provide differentiated support to promote the development of artistic skills and knowledge and scaffold pupils’ next steps. Pupils are motivated to use their skills, e.g. drawing, cutting, collaging and creating sculptures. We encourage pupils to reflect on their artwork, celebrating and analysing what they have created.   


At The Bridge School, we use bespoke, sequenced, small-step descriptors that outline the key knowledge and skills within art. These descriptors provide an easy to use, aspirational framework that ensures all pupils make progress in what they know, what they can do and what they can remember.


Across all subjects and at all key stages, the overall intent is that the pupil engages, achieves, and makes the most personal progress they can over time to enable them to have the most fulfilling, enjoyable, and independent life possible.


Programmes of Study



Whole School

Programme 1


Mother Nature Designer

Exploring Colour

Programme 2


Bugs and Minibeasts Poster DesignPicture This 

Programme 3

What is Sculpture?


What a Performance!





Examples of our work in Art!

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Subject Policy

All policies are regularly updated and the latest version of any policy is available on request.