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Subject Leader: Jordan Jones and Claire Jones



We acknowledge that, for our pupils, RE is an abstract concept. It is a concept which can vary in time, religious sector and between individuals. Due to this, The Bridge School’s RE curriculum is highly adapted to meet the needs of our pupils.


At the Bridge, we feel RE gives our pupils opportunity to develop a sense of self, be personally enriching and develop relationships with those around them. The curriculum provides oppurtunities for them to explore religions in a multi-sensory way. Our RE descriptors are very closely linked with PSHE and focuses more on skills such as knowing their names and those around them, taking turns, being tolerant of others and taking part in sharing act of worship.


We also incorporate sensory stories, dramatizations and role play of common religious events and services, such as weddings to give our pupil prior experience for when they attend these events outside of school.


At The Bridge School, we use bespoke, sequenced, small-step descriptors that outline the key knowledge and skills within science. These descriptors provide an easy to use, aspirational framework that ensures all pupils make progress in what they know, what they can do and what they can remember.


Across all subjects and at all key stages, the overall intent is that the pupil engages, achieves, and makes the most personal progress they can over time to enable them to have the most fulfilling, enjoyable, and independent life possible.


Programme of Study


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Healthy Lifestyles

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All policies are regularly updated and the latest version of any policy is available on request.