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Visions & Values





The Bridge School Mission Statement


“Striving for Excellence-Valuing Achievement”


Our School is a place where everyone is treated with dignity, with respect and is of equal worth.


Our vision is to develop a highly effective learning community.



To achieve our vision our aims are to:


  • Create a happy, safe and secure learning environment where all pupils'/students' needs are met, where progress, achievements and success are recognised and praised.


  • Promote the pupils'/students' spiritual, physical and emotional well-being so that they are secure, confident and well-motivated.


  • Help pupils/students acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence, which enable them to lead as full, interesting and independent lives as possible.


  • Develop pupils'/students' personal responsibility and encouraging decision making and choice, communicating through whatever means appropriate.


  • Provide a wide range of personalised appropriate learning experiences, which are both exciting and challenging.


  • Provide pupils/students with experiences of their own and other religious and cultural backgrounds and values.


  • Listen and respect pupil voice and their contributions


  • Offer opportunities of working co-operatively alongside others, developing friendships and respect for others.


  • Foster positive relationships with parents and other professionals.


  • Ensure that all the statutory curriculum guidance is delivered to all pupils/students.


  • Provide all staff with training and development opportunities to enable effective practice.


Bridge School Values:


These values have been compiled by the staff with input from governors and also parents through the governing body.

Pupils/ Students are respected for who they are while all strive for each individual to make progress and achieve their potential.


Respect is shown for pupils by staff ensuring that pupils:

  • are the centre of every action of every one at all times
  • are never talked over and that all adult conversation is about supporting learning of the pupils
  • learn in an environment that is appropriate to the needs of the pupils e.g. bright and stimulating or low sensory arousal
  • are kept safe at all times
  • personal information and that of their family is kept confidential at all times. This includes no direct or indirect work comments on social media
  • work with adults who adhere to all school policies and procedures
  • work with staff who maximise all moments of the day to support pupil progress and achievement
  • have outstanding adult role models at all time


Staff will work and support each other. They will:

  • work together for the common goals of our school
  • always be focussed on pupils
  • have a can do attitude
  • be confidential at all times about our work, our pupils, their families and each other
  • be positive about each others' strengths and achievements and will help each other to improve constructively
  • be a positive role model  for our pupils and our school
  • treat each other with respect and value each other
  • seek solutions to any problems positively and professionally
  • set and achieve high standards
  • celebrate the success of others
  • respect and value each person’s individuality, differences and beliefs operating within the school policies and procedures