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Sensology (Flo Longhorn)


Sensology’s aims are to wake up the five basic senses (see, hear, touch, smell, taste) and also movement related sensory systems: the vestibular (balance, head movements and gravity) and the proprioceptive (body positions, body mapping and planning movements). The senses are stimulated and introduced individually and a familiar song/rhyme is used to cue in the session as well as children looking at themselves in a mirror. Sensology is used to support you child's awareness, engagement and to enable them to make preferences.


A variety of different equipment can be used when waking up the individual senses at home too!  Below are some examples of the types of resources used to stimulate each of the senses. It is important to use contrasting senses to not only enhance the senses but also to allow your child to communicate and show preference to particular experiences.


At the bottom of this page there are some example Sensology Powerpoints that are used in school.