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Story Massage


Story Massage combines the benefits of agreed positive touch through the use of story, rhyme or song.  The programme contains ten simple massage strokes that are easy to learn and can be used in different ways throughout different Story Massage sessions. It supports learning and communication through play and positive touch.


The ten  different strokes are used on any body area that is appropriate for the child, e.g. shoulders, back,arms, head, face, legs, hands and feet.Story Massage can  be used with any story, rhyme or song and can be personalised to meet the individual needs of you child. You could use story massage to tell you child's favourite story, a story about past experiences or use it alongside their favourite song!


Find video examples, access the ten simple massage strokes and find more information about Story Massage by clicking on the link below. There also Story Massage Powerpoints that have been created by school and you can download these at the bottom of this page. 



Story Massage are delivering free sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday during the Coronavirus situation. These can be accessed by clicking on the Twitter feed on the main Story Massage website.