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Subject Leader: Johanna Showell



Exploration is at the core of our Science curriculum at The Bridge School. We encourage pupils to explore the world around them, in a way that is purposeful and meaningful to them.


Our science curriculum allows pupils to follow their own natural curiosity, through child-led investigation and experimentation. Pupils have access to a wide range of motivating and engaging multi-sensory activities to facilitate their learning and develop their practical scientific skills.


Within all Science lessons, pupils consistently have oppurtunities to extend their learning. Practitioners provide differentiated support to promote working scientifically and scaffold pupils’ next steps. Pupils are motivated to use their skills, e.g. observing, identifying, and asking scientific questions to find out more.


At The Bridge School, we use bespoke, sequenced, small-step descriptors that outline the key knowledge and skills within science. These descriptors provide an easy to use, aspirational framework that ensures all pupils make progress in what they know, what they can do and what they can remember.


Across all subjects and at all key stages, the overall intent is that the pupil engages, achieves, and makes the most personal progress they can over time to enable them to have the most fulfilling, enjoyable, and independent life possible.



Whole School Programme of Study


At The Bridge School, Science is delivered on a one-year rolling programme (see above). Regularly revisiting the themes each year allows pupils to commit their learning to long term memory, develop recall skills, increase automaticity and build on prior learning to work on their next steps. Teachers are responsible for which areas/concepts pupils focus on during each unit based on what pupils already know, can do and may remember.


The majority of pupils at The Bridge School will be working towards the National Curriculum KS1 Science targets, therefore, teaching and learning within Science will be focused on three main units: Investigating Materials, Plants, Animals including Humans (including Living Things and Their Habitats).  Seasonal changes will also be covered across the year and within cross curricular areas.



Examples of our work in Science!

Curriculum Progression Map

Subject Policy

All policies are regularly updated and the latest version of any policy is available on request.