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Communication at The Bridge includes pre- intentional communication (interpreting behaviour) and intentional communication such as using gestures, body language, AAC (Alternative and Augmentative communication) and speech. In school, each pupil has personalised systems and strategies that are matched to their needs and abilities.  


Examples of systems/strategies that may be used to support a pupil include:

  • Makaton 

  • Use of Objects of Reference (OOR) 

  • Use of Photographs of Reference (POR)

  • Intensive interaction

  • Agreed and consistent use of symbols.

  • PECS

  • Use of agreed key words, language matched to the ability of the pupil and next step modelled.

  • Use of alternative communication systems, e.g. communication books, iPad.

  • Musical Interaction.

  • Soundabout.


You can find out more about some of the above strategies under the 'Communication and Understanding' tab.


Children at The Bridge School will be working on individual communication outcomes. Please speak to your child's class teacher to determine activities that may be appropriate for you to carry out at home as these will be very specific to the individual child. If your child has a Speech and Language Therapist (SALT) you may have been given advice and guidance for activities to support your child's communication at home through discussions with them or through information in their SALT report.