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There are a wide number of groups available to support families with children with specific conditions and rare syndromes and their websites are listed below although we cannot vouch for the quality of the support they can provide.

Angelman syndrome :-

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder :-

Autistic spectrum disorder :-

Cornelia de Lange syndrome :-

Down's syndrome :-

Foetal alcohol syndrome :-

Fragile X syndrome :-

Hemiplegia :-

Joubert syndrome :-

Lowe syndrome :-

Prader-Willi syndrome :-

Rett syndrome :-

Rubinstein Taybi syndrome :-

Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome :-

Smith-Magenis syndrome :-

Sotos syndrome :-

Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus :-

Tourette syndrome :-

West syndrome :-

Williams syndrome :-

Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome :-

Worster-Drought syndrome :-


Other useful sites

National health :-

National institute of neurological disroders and stroke (NINDS) :-

Speech and language impairment :-

Scope -

Contact a family - for families with disabled children:-


Support for Siblings

There are many sources of support for siblings of children with learning disabilities which can be access through the following websites: