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Fine Motor Activities

Fine Motor skills are an important part of the development of early writing skills. They are an important skills for performing everyday tasks such as writing, cutting, construction, dressing and using cutlery. Fine motor skills involve the use of the smaller muscle of the hands through coordination with the brain. They are built on gross motor skills that involve the whole body and larger muscles (see gross motor section). The development of fine motor skills not only contributes to a child's academic progress but also their independence and ability to complete tasks. 




  • Connecting Lego bricks/ Duplo/ train tracks
  •  Using pegs in a variety of tasks

          - pegs on clothes/ washing line/ string/ box

          -  using pegs to pick up small items

  • Pipe cleaners into a colander / cardboard tubes
  • Threading activities with string and beads/ large buttons
  • Shape sorters
  • Tearing paper strips
  • Bead maze toys
  • Posting activities

        -  large toys/ balls into holes in a cardboard box

        -  posting small items into small containers

  • Pulling ribbons out of containers
  • Playdough and tools
  • Painting
  • Using children’s scissors with adult supervision


See examples of other fine motor activities by clicking the following link and by looking at the photographs below.