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At the Bridge School, we adopt an Inclusive Communication Approach. This means all forms of communication are recognised and valued equally as forms of interaction.

Within our school intent, we have identified that communication and understanding are part of the foundations of engagement and learning at the Bridge School. The aspiration for all pupils is they achieve their potential in all aspects of their development. Therefore, we work in a determined way to ensure that all pupils can make personal progress in their communication and understanding skills. 


To support our pupils at the Bridge School, we do not follow just one communication approach; we follow a range of evidence-based research, have regular consultations with the NHS Speech and Language Therapist (SALT) team, in addition to accredited Elklan training for identified subject coordinators. 


We work to ensure all pupils have a communication system that allows them to engage in meaningful interactions with those around them, for example, to be able to request, refuse, choose, comment and develop social relationships. These communication systems could be using verbal language, for some pupils they may be working towards speech sounds, or they may use alternative and augmentative methods of communication (AAC), e.g. objects of reference, symbols, communication books, high-tech communication devices. Furthermore, some pupils at the Bridge School display pre-intentional communication methods which their supporting adults interpret and create opportunities to encourage further interactions to develop their communication skills.

For all pupils, the strategies chosen to support their communication, speech and language needs are highly personalised. Class teachers follow guidance from the Inclusive Communication Strategy and English Policy, may have consultations with SALT, and discussions with the communication coordinator, Heads of Departments, and parents/carers, to identify the most appropriate methods of communication for the individual.

Examples of Communication at The Bridge