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At The Bridge School we understand the importance of working with parents and carers to support learning both at home and at school.  We value the need for learning to be extended beyond the classroom; working with parents to enable their child to achieve the very best they can.

Each child’s homework will be personalised to meet the needs of the individual and homework may change as a pupil gets older, develops, or if their needs and priorities change. Our policy is that we agree what homework would be appropriate at the two regular meetings we hold with you as parents/carers in school when we hold the annual review and the outcome meetings.  The 12 monthly outcomes document has a box that we have added to the bottom which states what home work would be appropriate. Our homework policy is underpinned by the belief that we want to support and work with you to help your child achieve the very best they can.


Homework can involve a range of different things. It may include:

  • working on children’s 12 Monthly outcomes as discussed at outcomes and review meetings.
  • home and school working on consistent strategies to support behaviour management following an agreed behaviour support plan.
  • the use of agreed communication aid to develop communication skills at home that has been advised by therapists.
  • using particular symbols, signs, objects or words to support your child's understanding and communication.
  • working on self-help skills such as toileting, eating or dressing.
  • family and school using consistent strategies to support a child’s sensory needs.
  • sharing a book that is sent home from school.
  • following an agreed programme suggested by a professional, e.g. Physiotherapist, Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist.


It is important that parents and carers liaise directly with their child’s class teacher to determine suitable activities.


Please discuss with your child’s class teacher if you want more support or guidance in this area and if also use the opportunities at the annual review and outcome meetings to discuss further.


                                              Homework Plan