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Gross Motor Activities

Gross motor skills are those which require whole body movement and which involve the large muscles of the body. They are used to perform everyday functions at school, home and out in the community. Example movements/activities that include the use of gross motor skills include: sitting up, maintaining head posture, reaching with arms, crawling, standing, walking, running and jumping. They also include eye-hand coordination skills such as ball skills (throwing, catching, kicking) as well as riding a bike and swimming. Gross motor skills are also important in being able to carry out tasks such as dressing.


Gross motor skills are also related to other skills such as balance, coordination and body awareness.


Activities to support the development of gross motor skills:

  • Using a scooter, tricycle or pedal car.
  • Setting up an obstacle course that uses equipment and actions, e.g. crawling under a blanket, doing star jumps on the spot.
  • Dancing. This can help to develop balance and coordination too!
  • Accessing playground equipment such as a slide or a swing. 
  • Jumping on a trampoline. 
  • Target throwing, e.g, bean bags into a hoop, balls into a basket.
  • Throwing/kicking a ball to each other. 
  • Sensory obstacle course that has different textures to walk or crawl over. 
  • Pass a bean bag/ball side to side (crossing mid line)
  • Rolling out dough when baking or when using Playdough.