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Number Songs

Number Songs


Below are a list of some well known number songs that you can use with your child at home. If possible, you can use props with the number songs to make them more engaging and allow your child to see visual representations of the numbers or see a quantity increase/decrease. It will also support your child in developing their attention and early maths skills. 


  • Five Little Ducks
  • Ten Green Bottles
  • Five Little Men 
  • Five Little Speckled Frogs
  • Ten in the Bed
  • Five Currant Buns


These are just examples of some of the songs used within school and there are many other number songs that you may know yourself and can use. You can use number songs in practical situations such as singing 'Five Little Ducks' when in the bath or by baking cupcakes and selling them in a 'shop'.



There are also a number of online number songs that are used in school which your child may like to watch at home. If you search the below song titles in the website ViewPure, this will filter out any advertisements and pop-ups that may be inappropriate for your child.




  • Ten Little Numbers
  • Pancake Manor- 'Count to Ten'
  • Pancake Manor - 'Count 1, 2, 3!'
  • In the Big Blue Sea
  • Let's Count up to Ten
  • One to Hundred (Big Number Song)
  • Count and Move
  • How Many Fingers?


There are downloadable number cards, number symbols and a number line available from the downloadable resources tab on the maths homework page that you can use in conjunction with these activities.