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Programme Overview Key Stage One


 Art (KS1)

Programme 1

Bugs and Minibeasts

Poster Design 

Picture This 

Programme 2


 Mother Nature Designer

Exploring Colour 

*From April 2023


Music (KS1)

Programme 1

The Rock Show

Rain Rain Go Away

A Journey to the Caribbean

Programme 2



In the Jungle







Design and Technology

Programme 1

Local History- The Victorians

United Kingdom




Programme 2

Famous People

The Locality of

the School


Eat More Fruit and Vegetables



Programme 1Reciprocal Interaction   See belowSee below
Programme 2

Reciprocal Interaction

   See belowSee below


There are a range of interventions that teachers can select from such as drama games, Sherbourne Movement, Musical Interaction which are selected linked to the pupils previously assessed skills and knowledge that may be revisited to enable them to retain their prior learning or their next steps.


There are also blocks of planned activities linked to specific skills and knowledge progression that teachers select based on the pupils previously assessed skills and knowledge that may be revisited to enable them to retain their prior learning or their next steps e.g. Road safety, emotions, internet safety and relationships. This work is closely linked to the relationships and sex education policy. 


RE (KS1)

Programme 1


Programme 2




PE (KS1)


The key emphasis for pupils in Key Stage One PE is on the development and progression of fundamental skills of movement. These include three main areas of:


  • Methods of movement
  • Balance 
  • Object control


 Pupils work on the next steps based on their prior skills and knowledge and also revisit existing skills and

knowledge. The delivery of the above fundamental skills may use a wide range of contexts. The contexts also enable pupils to apply existing skills and knowledge. Pupils may also access the fundamental skills of movement, dependent on their personal and social development, through carefully set up environments to explore, practice and extend their skills and knowledge. This is supported by quality adult interaction and modelling. The below table provides current focus through which fundamental skills of movement may optionally be taught within.


Programme 1

Up, Over and Along

Into the Garden

Send It Over Here

Programme 2

Nursery Rhymes

Let’s Roll

Rock and Roll


 Pupils who have complex physical difficulties will also have strong emphasis in postural management and

 also where agreed implementation of NHS recommended therapy programmes or use of equipment. Time

 may be prioritised within the PE curriculum delivery or may be additional to this. 


 In Key Stage One pupils will access for a minimum of one term each year aquatic mobility. 


Pupils in Year 1  may access Bikeability if they have the prior skills established to access this programme that is delivered through external provider. 


In Year 2, pupil access a Horse Centre and have opportunity to take part in either pony care, carriage riding (accessible for pupils in wheelchairs or horse-riding (following agreement from pre-assessment by the riding centre). 


Pupils in KS1 will usually have a daily leisure session mid-morning and around midday. Implementation of activities is supported by the School Sports Champion through Sports Grant funding. 


Science (KS1)

Programme 1

Investigating Materials




Investigating Materials


Animals including Humans


Living Things and Their Habitats


Investigating Materials


Computing (KS1)

Delivery of the Computing Curriculum at Key Stage 1 is met within other subject areas.