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17th March Coronavirus Updated information for parents and carers

To all our parents and carers


The three maintained special schools - Southall, Haughton and the Bridge have sought clarification from the DFE Coronavirus Help Line about vulnerable people. 


The DFE Help Line Adviser said:


  • The Government/DFE advice is that schools remain open at this point. 
  • If any members of our pupils household have a continuous cough OR a high temperature, the whole family must self-isolate. To be clear when anyone in the house has symptoms ALL of the household must follow the isolation guidelines- this includes staying in the house, getting others to deliver food if necessary and not having any contact. This should be sustained even when symptoms have ceased.  The isolation period would only cease after 14 days when symptoms have then passed for all members of the household. 


We asked about people who were vulnerable. This includes all those who have a learning disability. The adviser stated that whilst the DFE advice is for children to attend school that the NHS advice is they suggest that vulnerable people avoid social contact. The DFE advisor says that that if parents feel their children are vulnerable and want to follow the NHS suggestion that they can choose not to send their child to school. If any parent believes this is the safest option, we will authorise the absence. The definition of vulnerable is


The three schools have sent a significant number of pupils home with Coronavirus symptoms of high temperatures or a continuous cough to be isolated with all the members of their household for a minimum of 14 days. Other pupils have been isolated due to family members having symptoms. No pupils to our knowledge have been tested in line with the government policy. We also have staff who have stayed at home with symptoms and or have family members that have symptoms and are now isolated. 


We appreciate this is a difficult decision but wanted to share the information we have been given by the DFE Help Line. 


Please also see the letter we sent out dated 17/3/20 and the information on from the NHS.