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4 PM revised - Free Schools Meals Voucher Update (not Universal Free School Meals) UPDATED

To all our families, we send you our sincere best wishes for your well-being and safety at what we all know is a complex and challenging time.


Update on Free School Meals SEE  4PM Update below

If you are receipt of Free School Meals related to family income, this is to let you know that you will be entitled to access a voucher for the holiday period if your child is not in school to receive their meal.

We have been able to contact most parents/carers recently and most will have their vouchers emailed to them. Others have asked for them to be posted- they will be posted today and hopefully they will arrive very soon.


4 PM update. We have applied for the vouchers and they are being down-loaded but we have not currently received them. We will administer as SOON as we get them.  Many thanks all.


FSM Entitlement

If your circumstances have changed or you feel that you are meet the criteria for free schools meals and are not currently registered, please go on line using this link:



In the meantime, for all our families please know that we are all sending our wishes for all of you to be as safe and as well as possible. Teachers will continue to be calling to see how you are, offer ideas of things/work to do if this is helpful. As ever please let the teacher know if there is anything that you are struggling with or email us on (we are regularly checking this email although not always daily).  


Kindest regards and best wishes to all



Head Teacher