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Government announcement on possible school changes

Many of you will know that the Government has announced possible plans for some schools, in particular Primary schools to return to school at the beginning of June. These plans indicate that some specified year groups may begin to attend if a number of factors are achieved. We have now read the further guidance that has been published and within this information it states that this Government guidance does NOT apply to special schools. We will however be reading the full guidance carefully as it may over time help us to consider the way forward. In the meantime,  we will continue to do our best to support all families who are working with/caring for their children at home, whilst providing  in school support for pupils whose parents are key workers and also those for whom safe-guarding support has been needed. Capacity for this provision is linked to risk assessments which include safety measures and the level of staffing available related to staff health.


We are very aware that this is a challenging unsettling time and we send all our families our very best of wishes. Thank you for the supportive messages we have received from you, they have sincerely been appreciated.