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Hope all our pupils and their families are all safe and that summer is going well. Update.

We are intending to put in the post on Friday (21st August) information to each family. There will be some information general to all on how school is planning to operate. There will also be an individual letter that will have start and finish times. For parents/carers who already bring and collect their children and those who have agreed to do so, it will have details of the times and place and procedures for drop off and pick up etc. The system for arrivals and departures has had to take into account increased social distancing and pupils linking with their class staff etc. We are asking all transport providers and parents/carers to be prepared that it may take a little longer while things settle and while we evaluate the plans in practice. We have taken account of the known information e.g. when parents/carers have more than one school pick up. 


If parents and carers have not received their pack by Wednesday 26th August then please email school - 


Once parents/carers have read the general information and their child's specific letter, if there are any worries/queries then again please email 


Kind regards to all and continued best of wishes. 


Heather and Bridge School Team.