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Hope all our pupils and their families are ok and that the summer is going well. Quick update.

Just wanted to let you know that there is a lot of work carrying on to get things ready for pupils return in September. We are still waiting in some guidance before we can finalise risk assessment and processes. 


THANK YOU to the parents/carers who have been able to commit to bringing their children  in the new term to and from school during this current situation. This does remain the safest option although we know and understand that for some it is not an option.  As we understand it, T and W  LA will be sending out claims forms for mileage.  For those that will have pupils on transport the LA will be working to make this as safe as possible in terms of minimising transmission in the event there was any positive cases. 


Some parents/carers have said they will be able to transport as long as times can be flexible around other children's school times e.g. to drop off later and pick up earlier. Again, everyone is appreciative of this- THANK YOU. We are going to call this group of parents/carers to see if they know the times etc. We will try and contact  this group of parents/carers this week. 


In the meantime, one of our biggest challenges at the Bridge will be the arrival of the pupils and the departure due to the need to try to ensure that pupils are supervised by staff in their 'bubble' and also that we do maintain social distancing of pupils across bubbles. There is likely to be staggered times of  one group coming in between 9.00-9.10 and then another group 9.15-9.30. The end of the day is likely to be 2.30 leaving for one group and then 3.00 another group.  This is provisional information as there is still much to be worked out including in relation to dedicated school transport.  We will update on the times for each classes once all arrangements have been confirmed.  We will also have some agreed flex times for some parents/carers. We will also be issuing more detailed guidance before pupils return in September. 


We know that our parents and carers understand that the car park management is complex under usual circumstances and parents and carers are highly supportive at pick up and drop off. We will be asking everyone to work with us particularly on those first few days when we implement different systems. It will be well-planned but we will need to review day by day and work together. We will be asking all parents and carers while things settle to understand that things may take longer than normal. We know that in the usual spirit of working together things,  all will understand that what will be in place will be  about safety and understand that things will settle quickly as all become confident in the new system.  


Pupils who had shielding letters for Extremely Clinically Vulnerable.  The government is stating that it expects all pupils to come to school in September.  It is expecting most pupils who have been shielding due to Extremely Clinically Vulnerable classification to return to school. The guidance does state that there will be a very small number of pupils in this group who may be advised by medical staff to not attend school.. Please can parents/carers of pupils who have been classes as being Extremely Clinical Vulnerable to seek advice from medical staff. In the letter that was sent to all parents/carers it informed that we would assume that parents/carers of this group will have checked this. Any parents/carers that need any information to inform this process then please email 


As we are sure you can imagine, much other work is being undertaken to ensure that school has things in place to reduce transmission risks. 

We will be writing to parents/carers as soon as possible and will be updating on the website once further government guidance has been received. 


In the meantime, we send all our pupils and families our very best of wishes.

We are thinking of you all.  


The Bridge School