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Parents and Carers who are dropping children off or picking up - be aware of road closure

We have planned the process carefully. Please do follow the information on the times and directions in your individual letters. PLEASE can those who are starting at 9.20 or 9.30 not come to the site before the given time- staff from your child's bubble will not be there until the time given and then the car park will get over-loaded. 


Please note that there is a road closure at the bottom of Waterloo Road and this may impact on your journey- route and timing. The traffic access may mean that the things take longer and it may impact on our planned system. We will though work to resolve this as families arrive. 


You are such a supportive group of parents/carers and we are sure together we will get through positively. Our car marking Marshalls will as ever do all they can to support and assist and direct whilst socially distancing. The Marshalls including the Leadership Team will be wearing additional PPE. 


REALLY looking forward to seeing you all 


Heather and The Bridge School.