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Sainsbury's Unveils 'Signsbury's' - The UK's First Sign Language Store

A Sainsbury's in Bath has temporarily relaunched as 'Signsbury's' - the UK's first sign language supermarket. 

The move comes after 100 colleagues took part in British Sign Language (BSL) lessons, and now, staff will use what they learnt to interact with customers with sign language - from making small talk about the weather to asking if they have a Nectar card. 

For customers who know don't know what anything other than a thumbs up means, there are screens installed around the store which demonstrate how to sign handy words such as 'milk', 'bananas' and 'trolley'. 

Children are also encouraged to get involved by signing for a snack, with completion of a few signs earning them a piece of fruit; though no doubt they would pick it up quicker if Twirls and Pringles were on offer.