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Sharing Bridge pupils home experiences and learning on our website

Some parents and carers have asked to share with other pupils and families, the lovely things their children/ our pupils have been doing at home over the last few weeks.  If any parents want to send in photo's, please be aware that the website is accessible to anyone/anywhere. Below are details if parents/carers do want to do this and also some guidelines.


  • Parents  can send a photo of the activity that their young person has being doing at home to this email address Please ensure that you clearly state on your email: This image is for the School Website and I understand it can be accessed by anyone publically. I give permission for it to be on the Bridge School Website.
  • Parents have said they want to share images of paintings, writing, baking, water/sensory play etc or new things they have been able to do.
  • Parents should consider backgrounds and there should be no personal information accessible in the photo.
  • All photos will all be checked to ensure that they are ok to put on the website and also that they are ok in terms of the resolution when they are uploaded.
  • A caption should be sent in with the photo/s to provide context.
  • Child's first name only may be included e.g. Charlie making cakes.
  • If photos are being taken on a phone then please use landscape.
  • Max of 1-2 images a week


It is our aim that photos that parents email to by a Friday will be shown on the school website by the following Thursday. If you don't see the photo you sent in then please call us in case any emails sent are blocked by the firewall security settings. The photo's will be shown in the Tab on the website titled Parental/Family Links and then Photo From Home.


Any parent who wants to share work and experiences with the teacher only should continue to email the main school email.


We are hoping this will work well, but bear with us if we have any technical issues.


Kind regards to all our pupils and families


The Bridge School and Nursery