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Specialist Rooms

We have a wide range of specialist rooms in school including


- White rooms (full computerised systems)


- Dark rooms with interactive technology


- Soft Play rooms


- Libraries


- Health and Well Being room


- Common room for older students


- Technology room


- Internal play corridor


- Music room with whole school technology including sensory sound show; Midi-creator Soundbeam; Resonance Boards, Opti- Music, 3D Visualiser


- Whole schol ICT room with a Technician base and a Promethean board, full accessibility and video conferencing facilities


- Hydro pool with sensory and light show


- Complex needs gym including facilities for sensory integration and physiotherapy


- Primary and Secondary Gyms


- Dining rooms for Primary and Secondary with use for dance, drama and assemblies


- VI/HI testing room for use by the sensory inclusion service and Consultant's clinics


- School Nurse/Doctor treatment room and office


- Two Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy treatment rooms


- Food Technology room with full disabled access